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Apollo's Chariot II

Apollo's Chariot is the name given to one of the world's most dangerous mercenary groups led by Marcus Seligman.

Apollo's Chariot's wanzers are custom-made. Their manufacturer is unknown, but it's assumed that each part of the model is made by a different manufacturer because of its strange appearance. Each pilot most likely has their own models customized to their specifications.

In the end, Apollo's Chariot has been ultimately defeated by Dylan Ramsey himself, with only capturing Marcus Seligman to find out where Adela Seawell has been held.


  • Marcus Seligman - The leader of Apollo's Chariot. (Ballistic type with knuckles and missiles).
  • Pia Simpson - Member of Apollo's Chariot (Sniper type with bazooka and grenades).
  • Gloria Leguizamo - Member of Apollo's Chariot. (Brawler type with rod and shield).
  • Megan Chamberlain - Member of Apollo's Chariot. (Assault type with shotgun and gatling gun).


In the first encounter, player will face Marcus only, this battle is also the tutorial about the E.D.G.E, just attack him with machinegun and missiles to fill up the E.D.G.E meter at least 25% then activate it, Marcus will be vulnerable then as this time his health bar is shown above, when he begin to charge, quickly move aside as he will knock you with melee combo and missiles, keep shoot him until he retreats.

In Second encounter, player will face both Marcus and Gloria, and this time the arena is smaller leaving your mobility and space limited, start with attacking Gloria first as she has shield and more aggressive, sometimes both of them can charge with their melee attack, evade them using hover backpack, a pair of rocket launchers could defeat them effectively in E.D.G.E. MODE, as for Marcus, just use the same strategy as before.

In third encounter, player will face Pia and Megan, the arena is also quite tricky as you can use the buildings as shields, start with Megan first because her shotgun could stun the player for a moment and she has a gatling gun too, Pia is easier as her bazooka is slow and not powerful, however if the player too close with her, she will do gun melee that could temporarily stun the player, also if the player stands too long in a building, she will shoot grenades above. Dual gatling guns and a hover backpack is recommended for this battle.

In the last encounter, player will face all Apollo's Chariot members, This battle is very risky as the player is alone and has the high chance to get killed so move fast. Start with Gloria first as she will always chase you, try to lure her from the group to make the battle easier, Megan is the next, just watch the distance so her shotgun coudn't hit the player and keep attack, for Pia just shoot her as usual while keep moving, she is very slow. Finally Marcus will begin to act, just face him with the same strategy as before, except this time his attacks are stronger so watch out. A pair of gatling guns and hover backpack is recommended for the battle.

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  • Apollo's Chariot wanzers are playable in the Multiplayer Mode.
  • Marcus is the only male member of Apollo's Chariot.