Apollo's Chariot is the third mission in Front Mission Evolved, which provides a tutorial on the E.D.G.E. Systen of the wanzer.


Rendezvous with Captain Hamilton

At the start of the mission, you are deployed with Adela Seawell. Follow her, heading towards the yellow arrow in the radar.

The first combat is a set of mixed units, including a Brawler Wanzer, two Centipede Tanks, and a Medium Assault Wanzer. Around the next corner is two more centipede tanks, and another brawler wanzer. After this waypoint, you will see Adela jump over a few buildings, which you will follow.

Adela informs you of nearby AA turrets. The first missile turret is found on the right, next to the "P" building. The second is ahead and slightly to the left of the initial road, on a roof of the building. The third is on the left, in the middle of the field.

The captain is on the other side of the hanger.

Get to the N.S.R.L.

You are charged by a Brawler Wanzer, and two more Medium Assault Wanzers attack your teammates. The Medium Assault wanzers will fall back to a defensive line which include a heavy assault, and a medium assault on a rooftop. A dropship will release twomedium assault wanzers, and a second dropship will release a brawler, medioum and heavy wanzer.

When you climb the steps and ente rthe park, there's a few wanzers waiting - two mediums and one heavy.

Defeat Marcus

After watching the building get flattened, you engage Marcus of Apollo's Chariot.

This battle is also the tutorial about the E.D.G.E, just attack him with machine gun and missiles to fill up the E.D.G.E meter at least 25% then activate it. Once active, Marcus will be vulnerable to attacks and his health bar will be shown. When he begins to charge, quickly move aside as he will knock you with melee combo and missiles.

When he is defeated, he will retreat.

Sensor locationsEdit

  1. At end of objective 1: In the hanger, against the left wall in the middle.
  2. At end of objective 2: After fighting the three wanzers in an open area, there is a sensor in the parking lot.

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