Note: This mission requires hover legs.

After clearing Fort Monus and where both the O.C.U. and D.H.Z. retreat, Apollo's Chariot makes a surprise attack on the base, with the intent to provoke Dylan Ramsey into pursuit.

Catch Marcus and GloriaEdit

For the most of this mission, you're chasing after Marcus and Gloria when they're well out of range. Enemies will normally appear either in the high cliffs, or by jumping out of nearby cover.

The first five attackers would be a ballistic wanzer, a heavy assault, a second ballistic wanzer, a brawler wanzer and a second heavy assault. There generally isn't more than one wanzer engaging at a given time.

When you reach the dam, you will have to fight off waves of enemy reinforcements. Aside from the wanzers and missile turret already present, there are three groups deployed by a dropship on the raised platform.

When the dam opens, proceed down the road. The bridge will be destroyed, requiring you to jump into the river and move downstream.

After the corner tunnel where Wiz hacks into the network to unlock the door, you will reach a bridge, and get attacked by two light assault wanzers. At the branching roads, take the right path to cross the bridge. There is plenty of ammo and armor pickups, required for the fight against Apollo's Chariot.

Defeat Marcus and GloriaEdit

You are fighting against two wanzer pilots, Gloria Leguizamo, and Marcus Seligman.

Marcus follows the same tactics as before, but may be a little less aggressive. He will primarily use ranged attacks, covering Gloria as she gets in close. Sometimes he will instruct Gloria to form up, signaling a start of a dual charge attack.

Gloria is a melee specialist, wearing heavy armor and using a melee weapon and shield.

When both wanzers are defeated, the two pilots will retreat in a cutscene, and Dylan will return to fort Ramsey to defend Adela.

Sensor locationsEdit

  1. After the first water section, in plain view after entering dry land. Placed slightly to the right.
  2. After hacking transportation network, found on the right branch to the left of the road.

Emblem locationsEdit

  1. After the first water section, just when you return to dry land. It is beside a rock next to the water.