Calm wanzer 00

The Calm is a wanzer model that has long been a part of the Front Mission series. It appeared in Front Mission First, Front Mission 2, Front Mission 4, Front Mission Online and Front Mission Evolved. It is produced by the Diable Avionics of U.S.N. America.


Although its appearance is far from intimidating, this war machine is strong in melee combat as well as long-range firefights when equipped with the appropriate weapons. Calm and its variants are characterized by above-average to high output and otherwise versatile capacities. Calm were seen being used by both O.C.U. and U.S.N. armies in the Huffman Island. It was also seen being deployed by the Venezuelan State Army (V.S.A.) and Venezuelan Liberation Front, the guerrillas in U.S.N. Venezuela. Presumably due to its versatility, it was deployed widely in various roles, including melee fighters and assaults.

It also has a branch series named Vortex that is seen in Front Mission Online.


  • O.C.U. Huffman (Front Mission First, Online, 2089)
  • U.S.N. Huffman (Front Mission First, Online, 2089)
  • Alordesh State Army (Front Mission 2)
  • Venezuela State Army, primarily as Jammers (Front Mission 4)
  • Venezuelan Liberation Front, primarily as Missileers and Grenadiers (Front Mission 4)


  • Calm (Front Mission First, Evolved, 2089)
  • Calm B (Front Mission Evolved)
  • Calm C (Front Mission Evolved)
  • Calm 200 (Front Mission 4)
  • Calm 400 S (Front Mission 2)
  • Calm 420 V (Front Mission 2)
  • Calm 450 S (Front Mission 2)
  • Tempest (Front Mission First, 2089)
  • Tempest 100 (Front Mission 4)
  • Vortex (Front Mission Online)

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