Cindy Peasant is a minor character that appears Front Mission 3.

Overview Edit

According to the Federal Agency of Intelligence (F.A.I.) database, Cindy Peasant (F.A.I. Number: SF06013BD221) was born in Manitoba of U.C.S./U.S.N. Canada in the year 2086. At the age of 17, she joined the navy and retired two years later as Seaman 1st Class. At some time within 2107, Cindy was recruited by Joe Parker into the F.A.I.'s special task group - Purple Haze where she would be promoted to Executive Officer three years later. She holds a military wanzer license and a 3rd-degree black belt in Judo.

Cindy pilots the Recson M4F.

Story Edit

Emma's Story Arc Edit

In Emma's plot route, the main protagonist and his group meets Cindy along with other Purple Haze members on the U.C.S./U.S.N. aircraft carrier Thomas Jefferson. She would have an unpleasant (though possibly comical to the player) exchange with Ryogo where even Joe Parker was amused by his comments. Later on, she and Ryogo would make a few other laughable statements. However, during the operation in the O.C.U. Philippines, Cindy would be kill in action, ironically within the view range of Ryogo. With her last breath, she states to Ryogo that he was right in regards to the Purple Haze not being such hot-shots.

Alisa's Story Arc Edit

In Alisa's plot route, the main protagonist and Ryogo meets Cindy and other Purple Haze members (including Emma) within Yokosuka Base. While the Purple Haze identified the main protagonist and Ryogo as civilians, Alisa was found in a construction wanzer. While the Cindy and the others were not immediately hostile, they were greatly weary that their presence were discovered. However, the main protagonist feared that they would engage Alisa in the construction wanzer, and they hijacked nearby combat wanzers and approached. Cindy would alert the others to the approaching military wanzers and the battle would begin. The main protagonist and Ryogo managed to defeat the Purple Haze which caused Cindy to doubt they were civilians after all. During the protagonist's campaign in the O.C.U. Philippines, they would approach Cindy and the other Purple Haze already destroying Taal Base. The Purple Haze engage out of fear that Emma and Lukav's operation would be in danger, but they are once again defeated. Finally, at the Taipei suburbs, Cindy and the other Purple Haze members destroyed sea ports and sea transports in their effort to capture the J.D.F. scientists (i.e. Alisa) involved with MIDAS. Cindy would question the purpose of such act and if they could trust the information provided by the young "Moneymaker", an infamous Spender (hacker). Not long after, she then spots and identifies the main protagonist's group as the ones that interfered back on Taal Base and eagerly engaged when ordered. She and most (if not all) of her Purple Haze colleages present at this final engagement were killed in action.

Trivia Edit

  • Cindy surname's original spelling was "Pezant".