Defense of Constantine is part of the Front Mission Evolved campaign, taking place after Father and Son. It involved the defense of the orbital elevator Constantine from the Sword of Damocles invasion.


Take back Rikers Island

You and Adela deploy on Rikers Island, where there are already enemy wanzers attacking. There is a sniper wanzer at long range, and two dropships that deploy three wanzers each.

Proceed to Constantine

The gates to the bridge unlock and open. On the bridge, you are attacked by a medium assault wanzer on the bridge, two light assault from the water, and a wasp gunship.

When you reach the other side of the bridge, there are two brawler wanzers.

Proceed through the junction, and you'll reach a battle among allies and a total of five ballistic wanzers, all quad-leg. You can easily destroy them from behind. When they're destroyed, head to the ground, and enter the opened doorway.

Ride the elevator to the top, and engage more of the quad-leg ballistic wanzers below. When those are destroyed, a group of hostile wanzers reinforce, including an engineer wanzer that repairs others.

Defeat Cornelius

The first phase of cornelius opearates the same as last time - simply dodge the attacks or repair as necessary.

When he is reduced to approximatly half health, he will fall to the ground. This time, when he activates edge, he will charge in for a melee attack that is difficult to dodge if you constructed a slow wanzer.

After reducting Cornelius to low health, he will have his companion destroy the space elevator.

Sensor locationsEdit

  1. After the bridge, head to the right until you reach the end, then turn around.
  2. First ally-enemy battle with quad ballistic wanzers. On the circular platform reached by keeping left.

=Emblem locationsEdit

  1. After riding elevator to the top, visible on right-turn.

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