Dylan Ramsey is the main protagonist of Front Mission Evolved. An engineer at Diable Avionics, he is the son of world renowned scientist Dr. Alan Ramsey of the USN National Strategic Research Laboratory (NSRL) and the lead developer of the E.D.G.E System. Dylan has always been interested in mechanical engineering and has spent a lot of time toying with machines since his childhood. He pilots his own Wanzer, Zephyr.


Dylan is very hot headed and prone to making rash decisions, such as his charging off with the Zephyr when his fathers life is threatened during the attack on New York. He typically does not take time to think through a full course of action and simply rushes in, guns blazing. He cares deeply for his friends and family and is willing to protect them, no matter the cost.


Prior to Front Mission EvolvedEdit

Little is known about Dylan's past prior to Front Mission Evolved, other than that he grew up in Fort Monus on Huffman Island until he was 10 years old. At some point he became a Wanzer test pilot for Diable Avionics, and was testing the Zephyr when New York was attacked.

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