Fafnir is a mission in Front Mission Evolved. In this mission, Dylan Ramsey and his team continue the attempt to kill Cornelius. Although it is a direct continuation of Promise without a visit at the hanger, you can still reconfigure your wanzer on defeat.


Advance and turn left, When you enter the tunnel, engage a Ballistic Wanzer on the left and two medium assault wanzers ahead, and two brawler wanzers around a corner supported by one ballistic wanzer. The fourth wave has two heavy assault waners supported by an Enigneer.

When all wanzers are eliminated, Adela announces multiple contacts ahead. These are two medium assault wanzers with an engineer wanzer, and one sniper wanzer at the distance. Continue, although a heavy assault will appear. Head to the door on the left corridor, and wait for the team to catch up.

Three heavy assault wanzers say this is a restricted block. There is a cannon turret nearby. Also, an osprey dropship will reinforce with two brawler wanzers.

Jump down - when you head up the ramp, there's two ballistic wanzers guarding an elevator. Note: there's an unknown thing to the right of the elevator. Destroy the two wanzers, ascend. Collect the two pickups because there's a boss fight.

Cornelius demonstrats his now toy, Fafnir. It is a giant four-legged wanzer. Despite the large size, it is vulnerable to being attacked at the power nodes near the legs, and three power cores in the center. It will attack with various long-ranged attacks, in addition to releasing wanzers and attempting to crush if you get too close to the legs.

When Fafnir is destroyed, Cornelius will engage directly. He will fly thoughout the battle, occasionally using a boost of speed, but otherwise can be engaged without too much difficulty.

After the mission, Cornelius taunts Dylan into activating the E.D.G.E. System, and demonstrates his ability to control others.

Sensor locationsEdit

  1. At end of first tunnel, on the left.
  2. After first sniper wanzer sighting, before you enter the building, on the right at the floor.
  3. Left of the glass-tile ramp.
  4. Left of the elevator.

Emblem locationsEdit

  1. When enemies announce this is a restricted block; on a crate to the left.