Huffman Island ds screenshot

An overview of Huffman Island

Huffman Island is a major location featured in the Front Mission series and the main setting of Front Mission First, Front Mission 2089 and the first act of Front Mission 5.

History Edit

Huffman Island is an island roughly the size Oahu, that was formed due to volcanic activity in the Pacific Ocean off the southwest coast of Mexico in 1995. In 2002, the land mass was officially classified as an island, and was ceded to United Nations control. However, in 2020, the United States of the New Continent made a bid for control of the island after withdrawing from the United Nations. The Oceania Cooperative Union disputed this claim when the two superpowers colonized the island in 2065.  The tensions heat up and eventually lead to the 1st Huffman Conflict in 2070, with Huffman Island being divided into two halves at the end of the war.

An uneasy peace is maintained until the Huffman Crisis in 2086, when a series of skirmishes across the island causes chaos. Tensions flare up the 2nd Huffman Conflict breaks out on June 3, 2090, when the USN accuses the the OCU of sending wanzers to attack one of their munitions plants int he Larcus District, an event that would later come to be known as the "Larcus Incident." The war lasted until 2092, when the Zaftran Peace Mediation Organization (PMO) was able to broker and peace between the two sides.

Locations Edit

  • Barinden
  • New Milgan
  • Menasa
  • Grey Rock
  • Freedom City
  • Lark Valley (destroyed in the early days of the 2nd Huffman Conflict)
  • The Mail River - Used as a border between the OCU and USN controlled sides
  • Peseta
  • Beltchka
  • Morgan Fortress
  • Fort Monus
  • Soleit
  • Rupidis
  • Longrivers Island (a nature reserve located off the southwest coast of Huffman)

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