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The Imaginary Numbers Project is a research on producing artificial humans in Front Mission 3. The primary motive of it is to create a being that is perfect in both physical and mental conditions. A successful Imaginary Number would be flawless in every and become a great leader in the world.

The person who led the research is Bal Gorbovsky, who also conducted the research on Real Numbers and one of the antagonists opposing the player party in the game.


Imaginary numbers are almost always characterized by their total lack of sympathy for anyone but their own and are utterly dangerous, cold, and decisive in combat. They are also known to act "robotic" in both combat and in social situations.

They also accomplish their given mission at all costs, they would not hesitate to kill innocent civilians if they would ever get in the way of their mission.


Unlike Real Numbers who use DHZ-issue wanzers, the wanzers used by the Imaginary Numbers are exclusive to them. They cannot be bought anywhere else and must be taken from them as salvage to be obtained. They do however, still use DHZ-issue weapons.

  • Lenghe 1 - Used by heavy assault units
  • Qibing 0 - Used by mixed assault units (Exclusive to Emma's storyline)
  • Shunwang 1 - Used by ranged assault units
  • Mingtian 1 - Used by launcher units

Imperfect subjectsEdit

Imperfect subjects are those individuals who, for some reason, did not go through the Imaginary Number conversion successfully.

An imperfect (addressed as a 'failure') subject would have a short lifespan and constantly be mentally unstable. None-the-less however, imperfect subjects are still as, or almost as, capable as regular Imaginary numbers but they would still suffer from mental breakdowns during the heat of battle, which would cause them to either freeze up, or shoot wildly, or shoot at their own comrades, depending on their mental states.

Known Imaginary NumbersEdit

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