Address: JDFINT/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN (available after downloading the JDF Organization Tree and using Picaresque on it to reveal the address)
Password: D07

Project (MIDAS)Edit

Password: MM

MIDAS File 002Edit

[MIDAS Retrieval Operation]
Aim 1: MIDAS mechanism
Aim 2: MIDAS research information
Target: USN Central Institute-Lab 21
Operation Summary: Unmanned wanzer programmed to seize MIDAS before transportation. Establish temporary air superiority, transport will acquire target.
Equipment 1: PVA Type 5 Attack-8 (ground attack-2, anti-air-3, ECCM-1, reserve-2) and PVA Type 9B Assault Transport-3 (reserve-1)
Summary of Support Operation : Submarine standing by to pick up dropped target. Commence operation at 0008 hours. Priority to retrieval of MIDAS.
Equipment 2: SU-I19 sub and SUM-I201 sub
To: SUM-I201 Captain
Use of strategic weapons permitted if retrieval is failed. Destroy all evidence.

MIDAS File 013Edit

[MIDAS Prototype Plan/Ver.12.12]
Black box analysis completed. MIDAS prototype production can now begin. MIDAS prototype (hereinafter referred to as "Target A") scheduled to be completed in 1 week. Reconfirm transport and mass-production schedule. Transport of Target A to be completed by intelligence team 3. Director must report to local agents regarding equipment and security status.

MIDAS File 017Edit

[MIDAS Transfer Plan]
Regarding OCU Congress request for MIDAS transfer. This information is restricted to security level 1 and above. The original MIDAS to be transferred to Yokosuka Base. Provide the OCU military with the MIDAS prototype, Target A. Change the control data prior to transfer. Also provide technical information, after confirming the integrity of the revised control data.

MIDAS File 021Edit

[MIDAS Explosion Data]
MIDAS prototype explosion analysis completed. (Re: observation data 12-105)
The MIDAS prototype performance, equipped with reduced explosion control, far exceeded our expectations. Simulation data indicates that the original is 180% more powerful than the prototype. Advise proceeding with the detonation test of the original MIDAS.

Ground Force StaffEdit

Password: SA2KI

GFSO File 105Edit

[Practicality of MIDAS]
MIDAS, more powerful than nuclear bombs while remaining environmentally safe, is outstanding. MIDAS is expected to shift the military balance of the world. The situation cannot be left alone. We propose seizing MIDAS and its research information.

GFSO File 123Edit

[Cooperation with the USN CIA]
We are observing signs of possible compromise in the cooperative structure proposed by the USN. Meanwhile, the CIA has agreed to prosecute Isao Takemura. The assigned agents will arrive in Japan in a week to join their former supervisor, Lukav Minaev. The necessary equipment will be provided by the CIA's Tokyo branch.

GFSO File 125Edit

[Coup D'etat Countermeasures]
Each local division will use older model weapons to fight the coup forces to hold next year's equipment in reserve. The coup group has not acquired any information on the location of MIDAS. The possibility of an information leak seems to be limited. Continue to leak false information while we discuss countermeasures. The conference will be held online at 1400 hours.

GFSO File 021Edit

Masao Sasaki
JDF Chief of Staff/Commander-East Dist.
Born Tokyo, 2060
Graduated from military academy in 2080, then assigned to eastern district army. Transferred to the OCU military as exchange officer in 2087. Participated in the Huffman war of 2090 as OCU officer. Returned to Japan in 2091, promoted commander of the 6th Division 3rd Company. Promoted to army colonel in 2094. Following divisional commander and brigadier general promotions, promoted to Chief of Staff in 2109.

Mobile Assault ForceEdit

Password: BLACKI

MAF File 038Edit

[To Mobile Assault Force members]
Welcome to the Mobile Assault Force. We are a special operations force. The nature of our mission requires us to remain behind the scenes, but remember that we are supported by numerous personnel. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire JDF is behind us. Keep that in mind and concentrate on your duty.

MAF File 075Edit

[Equipment Acquisition Report]
Report on new equipment acquired this fiscal year. The planned deployment of spacecraft is postponed until next year.
Wanzer: Shunyo Mk111
Output increased by 80% from previous model. First general-use wanzer to have amphibious and space ability.
Submarine: SUM-I401
It is a submarine capable of carrying up to 4 Shunyo wanzers for assault landings. Submarine will be introduced into service gradually according to plan 44.
Infantry weapon: Anti-wanzer missile Mk111
Auto-aims at the wanzer's weakest point, the upper rear portion.
Infantry weapon: Anti-wanzer gun Mk110
Fires a 37mm high velocity AP round. Can penetrate joint and rear armor.

MAF File 103Edit

[Priority 1 Order from HQ]
Assassinate Isao Takemura and his followers. Ignore previous order to apprehend. Terminate all Takemura collaborators, even if they surrender, and report to HQ. Takemura's group is expected to be armed, including wanzers. Report to the Information Division, ext.033-022, upon locating them.

MAF File 008Edit

Yuji Kuroi
Commander, JDF Mobile Assault Force
Born Kamagawa, 2083.
Graduated from military academy in 2103, then assigned to the 1st Independent Light Armor Brigade. Dispatched to Alordesh after coup. Returned to Japan in 2105. Promoted to captain in 2110, transferred to the Embassy in Thailand. Returned to Japan in 2112, promoted to current rank of major.