Kyokei Mk. 108 in FM3

The Kyokei (Japanese: 強警, strong police) is a wanzer model that appeared in Front Mission 3. It is produced by the Iguchi Corp. (a.k.a. G.U.C.H.) of O.C.U. Japan.


Kyokei is characterized by strong armour and high mobility, average to below-average output and accuracy. Due to these, it was mostly used in close-range combat, frequently equipped with melee weapons and short-range guns. It is exclusively used by the Japanese Police Force. Its name suggest that it is specifically designed for such purpose.



  • Kyokei Mk. 108 (Front Mission 3)

Known PilotsEdit


  • Although Kyokei's Japanese name is "Kyoukei", it was translated as "Kyokei" instead.
  • In Front Mission 3, battle skills are learnt by equipping specific wanzer parts. When equipped, Kyokei Mk. 108 gave Melee I (Body), Hit or Miss (Arms), and DMG Fix 100 (Legs).

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