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The Lenghe (Chinese: 冷河, Glacier/Cold River) is a wanzer model appeared in Front Mission 3. It is produced by Shanghai Steel of the D.H.Z. and was used extensively by the Imaginary Numbers. It is probably exclusive to them considering the fact that the model can never be brought from wanzer shops nor visible in the product section of the website of Shanghai Steel.


Due to its high armour, mobility, and evasion, Lenghe has usually been seen being used by melee units. Although some assault and sniper units also attempted to pilot Lenghe, this model is probably not very suitable for them due to its poor accuracy.


  • The Imaginary Numbers, primarily as strikers (Front Mission 3)


  • Lenghe 1 (Front Mission 3)

Known PilotsEdit


  • In Front Mission 3, battle skills are learnt by equipping specific Wanzer parts. When equipped, Lenghe 1 gave Initiative III (Body), Shield Attack III (Arms), and Gang Beating (Legs).

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