E.C. Storyline Edit

Elsa Eliane Edit

Elsa Eliane is a former E.C. French Army master sergeant and a member of the E.C. Armored Tactics Research Corps, otherwise known as the Durandal. Before joining the Durandal, Elsa was in the employ of the French Army and served them for three years from 2093 to 2096. Although Eliane had no actual combat experience with the military, her grasp of combat theory and wanzer piloting impressed her superior officers. As a result, Elsa was accepted into the Durandal upon the recommendation of her superiors. Elsa is also referenced in Front Mission 5: Scars of the War.

She is the main character of the Europe storyline.

Zead Elger

Hermes Sturges

Latona Rodiona Vasilev

Dieter Bosch

U.C.S. Storyline Edit

Darril Traubel Edit

Darril Traubel is a U.S.N. sergeant and a platoon leader for the U.S.N. Army 332nd Mobile Company. A talented soldier, Darril's achievements on the battlefield made him into a rising star in the U.S.N. Army. However, his sense of justice has led him to disregard orders and eventually, his demotion from captain to sergeant in 2096. Ever since the demotion, Traubel has become a disillusioned soldier and has lost interest in fighting for the U.S.N. Darril also makes appearances in Front Mission First and Front Mission 5: Scars of the War as a playable character.

He is the main character of the Venezuela storyline.

Phillip Chaeffer

Billy Renges

Luis Perez

Ines Torres

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