Walter Feng - a U.S.N. soldier. Walter first witnessed the realities of war
during the 1st Huffman Conflict. Ever since, Walter enlisted in the U.S.N. 
Army alongside best friend Randy O'Neill. He has strong leadership qualities
and is eager to defend the U.S.N. and its interests. 

Lynn Wenright - a U.S.N. officer and the unit commander of the Strike 
Wyverns. Lynn overseas all operations in the unit and is known to be strict
and demanding. 

Glen Duval - an O.C.U. soldier. Glen is one of Walter's best friends and was
exposed to war during the 1st Huffman Conflict. Glen, however, enlisted in 
the O.C.U. Army as opposed to the U.S.N. Army.

Randy O'Neill - a U.S.N. soldier. Randy is friends with both Walter and Glen,
having known them since childhood. Randy has difficulty adjusting to military
life and is often scolded by his superiors.

Edward Collins - a U.S.N. soldier and platoon leader for the Strike Wyverns. 
Edward enjoys to talk a lot, which annoys his colleagues greatly.

Hector Reynolds - a U.S.N. officer and the unit commander of the Barghest.
Hector is laid-back at times, but can be serious and strict when necessary.

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