Luftrauber in FM5

The Luftrauber is a wanzer model that has appeared only in Front Mission 5. It is produced by the Schnecke Corp. of E.C. Germany.


Luftrauber and its' variants prove to be very versatile models. Their most outstanding aspect is their extremely high output. However, their mobility, agility and armour are also quite decent. Thus, this series can be deployed as assaults, gunners and launchers, and maybe even mechanics and jammers. It seems that the U.S.N. Marine also deployed a considerable number of Luftrauber as launcher units. Other than that, this series of wanzer model was never seen engaging in combat in the game. It is also some of the more expensive models in the game. Combined with the fact that it is very versatile and rarely deployed has led to some speculations that the series has problems related to production cost.

All three known models of the Luftrauber series has hover as their leg types.


  • U.S.N. Marine, primarily as launchers (Front Mission 5)


  • Luftrauber (Front Mission 5)
  • Luftpanger (Front Mission 5)
  • Luftritter (Front Mission 5)

Known PilotsEdit