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Lukav's Superrior Wanzer

Lukav's Xiangyu 2 (blue), made by Shanghai Steel Corporation, in Alisa Storyline

Lukavs Super Wanzer With Pulse Rifle

Lukav's Kehei 0 in Emma storyline. It also appears in Alisa storyline, and destroyed before Lukav reaches Okinawa Ocean City

Lukav Minaev is primary antagonist in Front Mission 3. He was a member of FAI's USN and Purple Haze squad, while being double agent as spy for Ravnui and Da Han Zhong. In Emma storyline, he rides wanzer Recson, Shunwang, and Kehei. In Alisa Storyline, he rides wanzer Recson, Shunwang, Lenghe, Kehei, and Xiangyu.


Emma storylineEdit

In Emma's storyline where Emma Klamsky is playable, Kazuki and team meet Lukav in USN fleet along with Purple Haze squad. He later helps Kazuki in Thailand and Taal Base mission. In Taal Base, Purple Haze squad is eliminated by Jose Astrada, a prisoner who fights for OCU military in exchange of his freedom. Lukav survives from Jose attacks and helps Kazuki's team to free scientists from the base, including Alisa Takemura. When the team gathers up in USN fleet, they found out that Lukav is missing along with scientists. Lukav kidnaps scientists and brings them to Ravnui embassy in Shanghai, DHZ.

Kazuki and team is finally able to reach Ravnui embassy along with Hua Lian rebels who storm Shanghai. They meet Alisa again, but Lukav kidnaps her again and Emma, and goes to missile silo base. Kazuki and team fight him and his team consists of Imaginary Numbers. Even though Lukav is defeated, he runs away and flies to Japan where a coup is being held by JDF in order to eliminate Lukav's deadly plan of joining Japan Government.

Lukav then goes to Okinawa Ocean City where the original MIDAS exists as power source of city block. Lukav and Imaginary Numbers fight Kazuki and team in underground of the city block where main engine of the city operates. Lukav, driving his giant wanzer with light beam canon (Kehei 0), is then defeated in front of MIDAS.

Alisa storylineEdit

In Alisa storyline, Kazuki and team have first contact with Lukav for the first time in DHZ Submarine. Lukav at first is DHZ and Ravnui spy inside USN, and he makes contact with Hei Fong Liu, who is DHZ secret agent and Real Number.

Kazuki and team then meet Lukav in Ravnui embassy together with Emma Klamsky. There he kills Bal, Liu's boss, and declares that the Imaginary Number is no longer attached to Bal. Kazuki and team fight to protect Emma and Alisa from Lukav attempts to kidnap them so Imaginary Number can manufacture MIDAS. Kazuki win by the help of Wulong Mercenaries. Even though that Lukav is able to kidnap Emma hours after the battle.

Lukav and Emma get back to USN fleet just to make fake news about their death, by making the fleet having accident and destroyed in the Pacific. By information from OCU intelligence, Mayer Edward, Kazuki and team find out that Lukav arranges a coup in Japan together with Sasaki to gain power to manufacture MIDAS.

After the coup is solved, Lukav goes to Okinawa Ocean City from Misuma Harbor, where his wanzer Kehei is eventually destroyed by Kazuki and team. But Lukav still can get to Okinawa by the help of Imaginary Number.

In main engine room of Okinawa Ocean City where MIDAS exists, Lukav forcefully extracts information from Emma, leaving her mentally ill in front of MIDAS engine block. Lukav by the help of Rosavia Gray leaves the engine block after activating it so that the island is destroyed together with Kazuki and team. Lukav doesn't go after the MIDAS, because he has extracted the information about how to manufacture it.

Right in the half-destroyed harbor where Kazuki and team want to leave the city block, Lukav and imaginary numbers interrupt them by his giant, 3x3 area, lobster-like wanzer, Xiangyu 2. Kazuki and team have to fight them. Even after the defeat, Lukav still chases the Landing Ship Tank (LST) of Kazuki and team. By the help of Emma, Lukav and his wanzer are finally devoured by the explosion of MIDAS.

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