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M.I.D.A.S. stands for Matter Irradiation Dissociative Acceleration System. It was designed by Emir Klamsky, head of the USN Special Radiation Laboratories. M.I.D.A.S. separate the protons, neutrons, and electrons in auric radiation to extract energy. Auric Radiation has vast kinetic energy and breaks the molecular bonds of anything it comes into contact with. On contact with water molecules in the air, auric radiation turns into a stable element, loses all energy, and poses no threat to organisms of the environment.

M.I.D.A.S. has potential as a new source of energy, and is particularly intriguing to the world's military powers, for the following reasons:

  • Energy capacity — Current models are less effective than nuclear weapons, but more effective models can be made.
  • Reduced costs — The weapons output is adjustable. Separate tactical and strategic weapons are not needed, resulting in lower costs.
  • Deterrence factor — The auric radiation used in M.I.D.A.S. is stable once it fuses with water; therefore it does not cause contamination.

The story of Front Mission 3 begins when M.I.D.A.S. is stolen from Dr. Klamsky's Alaskan laboratories by OCU Japan. Several months have passed since the theft, during which time the JDF was busy attempting to duplicate M.I.D.A.S.

Incidents involving MIDAS Edit

Three separate Incidents have occured in Asia due to the use of MIDAS as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Resulting in widespread physical devastation and very negative emotional and political fallout.

  • Location: Yokosuka Base, Japan
  • MIDAS: Copy-2
  • Power: Less than 60%

Consequences: The Explosion was centered in the Underground Laboratories of Yokosuka Base which resulted in much of the Underground Facilities being destroyed. The cover-up story of the accident was that a ruptured gas line exploded and that Kazuki and Ryogo were the culprits. The OCU demanded the transfer of MIDAS over to them or be Isolated for its unilateral conspiracy of theft against the USN.

  • Location: Batangas, OCU Philipines
  • MIDAS: Copy-1
  • Power: 100%

Consequences: A desperate decision made by Semaun Forsyth, Commander of the OCU Taal Navy Base, resulted in an Unauthorized Order to Use MIDAS to stop the Philipine Rebels and their allies, the DHZ. The DHZ Invasion Fleet that was sent in to assist the Rebels was eradicated in an instant along with much of Batangas itself.

  • Location: Primary Block 13, Okinawa Ocean City (Emma's Story)
  • MIDAS: Original
  • Power: 180%

The DHZ, working alongside the Imaginary Numbers, invaded Okinawa Ocean City and forcefully detached Primary Block 13 of the City, in which M.I.D.A.S. was hidden away in the Underground Power Room Area, in an attempt to secure and retrieve M.I.D.A.S. for Mass-Production. Primary Block 13 floated out to sea and was vaporized when M.I.D.A.S. was manually detonated by Alisa Takemura, killing her in the process.

Ending: A few weeks after the events of the Japanese Coup, the OCU launches a Space Shuttle from the Phillipines. It's Destination: the North American Continent. Somewhere there, an International Press Conference is taking place between the USN and OCU Japan. Apparently, Japan is going to consider breaking away from the OCU and work with the USN to pin and cover up the blame and existence about MIDAS on the DHZ and OCU. Knowing that they were going to try something like this, the OCU placed Kazuki and his friends on the Space Shuttle to carry out a Secret Mission: Crash the Press Conference and expose the Truth about MIDAS to the whole world. Just as they were nearing their destination, the Philipine Shuttle is picked up by two Fighters of the USN Air Force. After two warnings to the Shuttle to change course, one of the USN Fighters requests permission from tower control to shoot it down but tower control replies that the shuttle is broadcasting a distress signal. The USN fighter follows orders to hold position which buys enough time for the Shuttle to launch its 4-Wanzer Payload which catches the Fighters completely by surprise and leaves them unable them to intercept. The 4 Wanzers land directly in front of the Building where the International Conference is being held. Standing guard are 4 Wanzers of the USN Police who try to stop Kazuki and his team to no avail. Kazuki's Team breaks into the building and the Mission is completed soon afterwards.

One year later. Kazuki and Emma are in Orsha, Ravnui. The homeland of Emma and Aliciana Klamsky. Emma tells Kazuki that she'll come back here when everything is done and that remembering the past and not forgetting about it would be her motivating force. Kazuki tells Emma that he certainly won't forget about the past and thinks about having a family with her.

  • Location: Primary Block 13, Okinawa Ocean City (Alisa's Story)
  • M.I.D.A.S.: Original
  • Power: 180%

Same as above, but there are more differences:

  • 1. The Imaginary Numbers act alone without DHZ asisstance.
  • 2. Lukav tortures Emma and leaves her at the Underground Power Room in a mentally comatosed status.
  • 3. Lukav, having accquired the knowledge of how to produce M.I.D.A.S, activates the Original M.I.D.A.S. to wipe out Kazuki and his friends along with Primary Block 13 instead of retrieving it.
  • 4. All playable characters and allies survive, including Alisa and Isao Takemura. Emma Klamsky regains her senses in a hospital a few days later. (Which happens to be a much more happier ending compared to above.)

Ending: An Organization is established to oversee the production of M.I.D.A.S. and the Scientists of Orsha National Laboratories have gotten away with their crimes to plot for the future.

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