Miho Shinjo is a playable character in Front Mission 3, Alisa storyline. She's a 23 years old police officer who joins Kazuki's team for a reason.


She meets Kazuki in highway inspecting people with her wanzer, Kyokei Mk108. She joins after the battle in Ashigara, where she is attacked by JDF Special Force for some reason. After the battle, she says that she is looking for Kazuki's team because she is being hunted after hearing about MIDAS when inspecting the explosion site in Yokosuka Base.

As the story progress, she shows that she has relationship with Kuroi, one of Sasaki's right hand. It is also revealed that she is actually one of JDF special force sent to spy Kazuki's team movement and to ensure to keep them away from Japan when the coup is being held by Sasaki. Department of Public Safety once had suspicion about her, shown in their website (password 992 --> Japan Information --> password JA9AN --> Info level 4). But after having some times with them, she is no longer in side of JDF and rather she fights along with them.

In Emma storyline, she can only be seen in Japanese Police website.

Her starting wanzer is Kyokei Mk108 with a machine gun and shield.


  • Concept art of Miho Shinjo.
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