Dr. Morgan Bernard is the creator of the S-Type Device, the leader of the Grimnir and the main antagonist of the Front Mission series.

Biography Edit

Known to some as "The World's Greatest Terrorist," Morgan Bernard is a man feared and loathed by the supernations and all those who work under them. An ex-neuroscientist who worked in war-ravaged areas treating the injured, Bernard developed pro-nationalist views after seeing the horrors of conflicts started by the supernations.

After leaving the medical field, Bernard founded the Grimnir, a terrorist organization dedicated to destabilizing the supernations and returning the world to one run individual nation states. The Grimnir had a hand to play in nearly every major conflict that took place from 2080 to 2112, even recruiting several major players in those conflicts such as Royd Clive and Ash Faruk.

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