Front Mission 3 features a network system which allows players to gain a better understanding to the situations in the 22nd century, insight to the game's events and providing extra functionalities such as battle simulators as well as purchasing and upgrading equipment.

The player can enter the network at any point in the game, which gives them five options to choose from:

  • Select Forum: Navigates to various websites around the world.
  • Check Mail: View and send e-mails.
  • Shop: Purchases equipment and upgrades wanzers.
  • Desktop: View data from the network and configures the network settings.
  • Simulator: Use the battle simulator to practice for upcoming battles and improve the characters' EXP and Ace Points.


It seems that the IS/IT technology in the 22nd century has progressed to which point contemporary networking protocols such as HTTP and WWW had become obsolete, which can be seen in the simplicity of the network addresses (see below). However, some anachronistic features, like BBS, remained in use.

There are various websites in Front Mission 3's network, which are based on the country of their origin and is further divided into three categories:

  • Government: For government entities
  • Corporation: For corporate entities
  • Other: For entities other than government and corporate

A website's address consists of (name)/(category)/(country). For example, the Kirishima Industries' website is KIRISHIMAID/CORPORATION/JAPAN.

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