No Borders is the final mission of Front Mission Evolved. It takes place immediately after Vritra.


You need to destroy S.C.I.O.N.;  In this, it is a two-stage boss battle. A maneuverable wanzer is helpful during this battle, with the enemy favoring attacks that generally strip away leg and arm armor.

Stage 1

Destroy the single generator core. It alternates between a three attack cycle - first with the beam, launching missiles, and deploying EMP mines in a scattered pattern.

Stage 2

In the second stage of the battle, scion will use a variety of attacks. 

Ammunition and health will respawn slowly if required.  Health can e found on the ground floor, and ammunition on the upper surrounding platform.   The major changes in the attack pattern is the addition of physical attacks with the limbs, and ranged attacks from multiple turrets.

The lower three generator cores can only be attacked from the lower level, thus you may want to target these first.

When all seven cores are destroyed, the central core will reactivate nd perform the beam attack as per the first combat stage.