Percival's Fall is a mission in Front Mission Evolved.  It occurs after the destruction of space elevator Percival but before it completely falls from space.


Escape Percival

The first encounter is with four mantis tanks, which are trying to escape.  After these four tanks is a small group of Wanzers

Locate Adela

When Adela is in trouble. proceed forward and to the right.  There is a few wanzers, with a ballistic wanzer first, and a few brawlers attacking Russell directly.

Rescue Adela

There are six enemy wanzers engaging Adela.  Destroy them all to complete this objective.


Once Adela is rescued, there is a small window of time as Russell and Adela remark that Percival is starting to fall.  Once they blast open the gate, a 2-minute timer starts.  There is an award for completing the section in 1 minute and 30 seconds.

There is only one path, which is generally obvious. The occasional branch either gets blocked off or appears to be an obvious dead end even at a distance.

Once you reach the bridge, the mission ends with Percival crashing to the Earth. In the cutscene that follows, Dylan Ramsey is recruited by the U.C.S. as a specialist in the 72nd under the command of Captain Russel Hamilton.


  1. Start of objective to locate Adela - head straight ahead.  Emblem is in the corner.
  2. During escape. After destroying the weakened structure, make a left turn, and second left turn. Emblem is straight ahead in the corner.


  1. During escape, after first tunnel
  2. Durign escape, in a dead end after a circular obstruction falls. Debris falls on this sensor, making it harder to hit.
  3. During escape, after a jump, and left of some debris. This is in plain sight.
  4. During escape, after weakened structure. Found in the left corner.

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