Promise is a mission in Front Mission Evolved, following Providence.  Leading up to this mission, Adela Seawell tells Dylan Ramsey that the E.D.G.E. System is not safe, and Ramsey orders it to be locked down. Just then, the dropship starts the approach to the Fort Ju Ku, the origin of the missiles that destroyed Uluru II.

During the mission, Godwin Mosley apologizes to Dylan into getting into this mess, claiming that he intended to keep Ramsey safe but only to be dragged into a potentially dangerous war.


Note: The E.D.G.E. system isn't active in this mission.

Dropship shooter segmentEdit

On the first island, three wasp gunships, followed by a two missile turrets and two wanzers.

On approach to the mainland, there are two missile turrets high up, and a large number of wanzers approach from the left and right. They are easily destroyed.

Damaged dropshipEdit

In a cutscene, the dropship says the rear fuel line is damaged and needs repair. Here, you will disembark, and defend the dropship against approaching Wanzers. You will focus on attacks approaching from the right. If there's a notable gap in attacks, you may want to provide fire support to the other two teammates.

There are two major ground waves, followed by an osprey dropship.

After the dropship leaves, you can advance down the right path and continue. The first wall will have a few wanzers exiting a single hole, and engage.

Perimeter OutpostEdit

There is plenty of ground forces in this area. Combat in this area comes to a close once the second osprey dropshop arrives. Head to the marker to continue. The door will be opened by an ally, and you will have a short trek outside with a few wasps.

Fort Ju KuEdit

There are a few wanzers present. They simply engage as normal.

After the combat, Cornelius Werner will arrive, and revive the downed Wanzers using a special feature of the E.D.G.E. System. The downed wanzers will be as strong a regular wanzers, despite having their armor visibly destroyed.

Once these wanzers are destroyed, Jed Gordon and Yun Tae Hwan will arrive and chase off Cornelius. The next mission, Fafnir, will begin.

Sensor locationsEdit

  1. First island, next to the radar dish.
  2. First island, on the watch tower.
  3. Mainland approach, on the left. One of the slightly-raised platforms has a sensor.
  4. After deployment, first wall when heading to the right. Found on the left-hand side, next to a few snowmobiles.
  5. At the perimeter outpost, in vicinity of antenna tower. Slightly behind said tower.
  6. Outside travel, just before Fort Ju Ku.
  7. Fort Ju Ku, against a metal wall.

Oil line locationsEdit

There are five oil lines to destroy in this mission.

  1. In the starting area just after the drop ship, possibly behind one of the rocks down the approach you need to defend.
  2. At Fort Ju Ku, on the right hand-wall from where you entered.