Paw 2 Prov in FM3

The Prov is a wanzer model that appeared in Front Mission 3 only. It is produced by the Papel of O.C.U. Singapore.


The Prov wanzer is rather all-rounded, with average stats in most aspects, except for slightly higher mobility than other all-rounded wanzer models. Still, its versatility along with hover-based movement has made some military employed a number of Prov units in Marine defense. Due to its all-rounded tendency, it is primarily used as assaults, equipped with close-range guns.

Its arms give the pilot battle skill Double Shot I, which allows the wanzer to shoot two guns wielded in its both arms in single turn. Together with Double Punch I of Marcus Armstrong's Grapple M1, they become strongest offensive skill the player could have.


  • Japanese Defense Force, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 3)


  • Paw 2 Prov (Front Mission 3)

Known PilotsEdit

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