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Qibing 0 in FM3

The Qibing 0 (Chinese: 奇兵0型, Wonderful Soldier Type Zero) is a wanzer model appeared in Front Mission 3. It is produced by Shanghai Steel of the D.H.Z. and was used by the Imaginary Number pilots. They appeares in Futai Tunnel and Misumi Harbor, Emir Klamsky storyline. It is probably exclusive to them considering the fact that the model can never be bought from wanzer shops in Front Mission 3 nor visible in the product section of the website of Shanghai Steel.


Considering the fact that a Qibing wanzers never shows up again along the 0 behind its name it indicates that these wanzers are likely to be prototypes, made for field tests and to deliver important data for further Imaginary Numbers wanzers.

Later Imaginary Numbers used different wanzers, each specialized in one direction (although exceptions are present):

- Shunwang (Assault)

- Lenghe (Melee)

- Mingtian (Launcher)

The inverted knees let assume that the Imaginary Number forces had the idea of an uncommon leg type from early on, especially interested in higher efficiency in mobility and especially evasion.


Qibing has above-average armour, very high defensive capabilites, agility and mobility and on the other hand low output, suggesting a melee-based design. Qibing arms don't have high accuracy, however they are still better than other wanzer models with the same level of weight and armour, thus they are also suited for assault or assault-melee setups. Since only six are ever seen over the course of the campaign, and because they're a considerable step up at the time, it behooves the player to try and capture a couple in lieu of destroying them. 


  • The Imaginary Numbers, primarily as strikers and assault (Front Mission 3)


  • Qibing 0 (Front Mission 3)

Known PilotsEdit

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