Quint in FMO

The Quint is a wanzer model that debut in Front Mission 4 and Front Mission Online. It is produced by the Iguchi Corp. (a.k.a. I.G.U.C.H.I) of O.C.U. Japan.


It has average mobility and evasion, below-average output and decent accuracy. This distribution of stats suggests that it would be most likely to be deployed as assault units, but it is seldom seen piloted by either enemies or allies units in the game.

It also seems to have a branch series named Arco, as seen in Front Mission Online.


  • Unknown


  • Quint (Front Mission 4, Online)
  • Quint Alt. (Front Mission Online)
  • Arco (Front Mission Online)

Known PilotsEdit

  • None


  • So far, there has not yet been any notable characters who have ever piloted an Quint or its variants.

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