Schakal in FM5

The Schakal is a wanzer model that has only appeared in Front Mission 2 and Front Mission 5. It is produced by the Intergehen of O.C.U. Alordesh.

History and OverviewEdit

Schakal is an "Advanced Wanzer" prototype developed by Intergehen in 2094, developed in their hidden facilities in O.C.U. Alordesh as the German arms manufacturer officially went out of business and filed for bankruptcy in 2089. Designed with the FENRIR system in mind, the Schakal uses highly advanced electronic systems designed to withstand EMP attacks. It can also be remotely controlled through FENRIR without needing a human pilot inside the machine itself. Several of these prototype models are employed by the Grimnir through their proxies, such as the Fortune Medical Corporation and the FARSA terrorist group in 2098. In these cases, the Schakal prototypes are outfitted with the S-Type (Sensory Type) device and perform admirably well on the battlefield due to its BD compatibility. The Schakal boasts very advanced actuator technology which, when combined with FENRIR or the S-Type, grants it a level of mobility unheard of in wanzers.

The prototype models seen in 2098 have poor armoring, however this issue is rectified in the final models seen during the 2nd Alordesh Coup D'etat in 2102. In that conflict, the Schakal models are shown to be using nanotechnology-based armor, making it even more agile and almost as durable as the Raven.

Due to its high defenses against EMP, affinity with electronic-based weaponry and extremely high agility, Schakals were extensively employed as jammer units by the Grimnir.


  • The Revolutionary Army (Front Mission 2)
  • Intergehen (Front Mission 2)
  • Fortune Medical Corporation, primarily as jammers (Front Mission 5)
  • FARSA, primarily as jammers (Front Mission 5)
  • Grimnir, primarily as jammers (Front Mission 5)


  • Schakal (Front Mission 5)
  • Schakal Light Weight (Front Mission 5)
  • Schakal A (Front Mission 2)
  • Schakal B (Front Mission 2, 5)
  • Schakal C (Front Mission 5)

Known PilotsEdit


Schakal B in FM5