Serov Warren is a character featured in Front Mission 3. He is a failed Imaginary Numbers who works for OCU as mechanical engineer and wanzer designer, but has no relation with Lukav Minaev or Bal Gorbovsky. According to the mail Liu received, he escaped from Bal's lab in Orsha, as failed creation of Bal will be eliminated. Just like what Ivan Larzalev said.

He is probably the first hint for players about secret human genome project that "transform human into military weapon" which is actually the Imaginary Numbers and Real Numbers project lead by Bal Gorbovsky. In the battle of Thailand, he also indicates that he is a failed creation.

As a failed Imaginary Numbers, he is mentally unstable, made evident during the battle of Thailand and Batangas. He uses a wanzer called Genie Arm that has missiles on both shoulders, cannons in both hands, and a machine gun attached to the wanzer's torso.

In Emma storyline, the player may meet him earlier, in Wilson Cliff if the player succeeds in destroying the Cadenza transport that contains Serov and other scientists. He then gives a clue about the missing OCU air transport in Sumatra that will lead the team to investigate it. If the Cadenza transport is destroyed, player won't have the battle in Thailand.

In Alisa's storyline, the player will battle Serov in Batangas City, along with several OCU wanzers. After the destruction of Batangas City by MIDAS, the OCU is searching the city for any remaining rebel forces. Serov uses his wanzer to attack the civilians of the city, forcing the player team to confront Serov.

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