"Steps of Trinity' is mission in Front Mission Evolved, which follows Defense of Constantine. In this mission, Dylan Ramsey is deployed

This mission requires a ranged weapon, and standard legs. This makes it a good time to review your weapons and other loadout, and make sure they're sufficiently powerful.



The first part of the mission involves a dropship ride.

When you see an array, you should shoot at least 40 of them in order to complete the Jamming challenge.

It is otherwise a typical rail shooter.

Locate entrance to Babel CompoundEdit

When you're dropped off, you will be ambushed by multiple wanzers. A brawler wanzer, several medium assault wanzer, and a sniper wanzer. Enter the pathway that the sniper wanzer is guarding to reach the next section.

The second section contians two brawler wanzers, supported by two sniper wanzers. Three wasp gunships will also arrive.

Apollo's ChariotEdit

The major challenge is fighting Apollo's Chariot as a whole team: Marcus Seligman, Pia Simpson, Megan Chamberlain, and Gloria Leguizamo.

Of the enemies, they will use the following tactics:

  • Gloria Leguizamo will engage with melee and other charging attacks.
  • Megan Chamberlain will use short-range shotgun or long-range minigun attacks.
  • Marcus Seligman will usually perform long-range missile attacks.
  • Pia Simpson will use a seeking missile launcher.

In general, you can pick them off one at a time, starting with Gloria.

After the missionEdit

When Ramsey defeats Apollo's Chariot, he calls in a team to contain Marcus Seligman. He is presumed to be captured, and will be interrogated.

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