T-1 Brutal Wolf

Art by Oregu (

S-Type machine.

"T-1 Brutal Wolf" is an assault type unit and has the strongest combat capabilities.

Wanzer manufacturer - Iguchi of OCU Japan.

It appears as boss piloting by Glen Duval in final mission of Front Mission 5.

Battle Location: Reactor, U.S.N. Alaska Radiation Research Complex - 09/July/2112

Known StatisticsEdit


Final Mission Briefing

Body HP - 13648
Evasion - 30%
Armor class - Impact
Defense - 40


  • Rod [blade] - 283 x 1 (Piercing)
  • Missile (4) - 289 x 2 (Fire)
  • Shotgun - 27 x 14 (Impact)
  • Cannon - 453 x 1 (N)


Wanzer & Pilot conditions (FM5-OPG Scan, Jap)


Glen Emblems


Emblems Scan


  • O.C.U. Ground Defense Force 48th Unit
  • Grimnir


  • T-1 Brutal Wolf (Front Mission 5)

T-1 Brutal Wolf (scan)

Known PilotsEdit

  • Glen Duval (Kyojun, Glen's Zenith, T-1 Brutal Wolf), Front Mission 5

Glen Duval & Brutal Wolf (guide scan)

Glen Duval - an O.C.U. soldier. Glen is one of Walter's best friends and was exposed to war during the 1st Huffman Conflict. Glen, however, enlisted in the O.C.U. Army as opposed to the U.S.N. Army.

Pilot Type: Aggressive.


  • EMP Recovery
  • All Hit
  • Striker Link
  • Assault Link
  • Gunner Link
  • Speed II
  • Boost II
  • Hammer Down
  • Speed III
  • Boost I
  • Charge I

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