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This timeline pertains to the events of the mainline Front Mission games. Evolved has been stated to take place within the main series by Square Enix, although it is officially considered a spinoff.

2005 Edit

A coalition of Asian nations, formed the Bangkok Economic Alliance.

2019 Edit

Australia joins the Bangkok Economic Alliance, and in a following summit, leaders of the alliance voted to change the name to Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU).

2020 Edit

North and South America become one nation and the United States of the New Continent (USN) is born.

2034 Edit

The African Conflict takes place. (Front Mission Alternative)

2070 Edit

The 1st Huffman Conflict begins.

2072 Edit

The 1st Huffman Conflict ends.

2089 Edit

The Huffman Crisis occurs. (Front Mission 2089)

2090 Edit

The Larcus Incident occurs. The USN publicly accuses the OCU of sending Wanzers to attack their military factories located in the Larcus District of Huffman Island. The OCU denies any involvement and claims the USN staged the incident in order to justify a full scale occupation of Huffman. Diplomatic efforts to reconcile the two countries fail and the 2nd Huffman Conflict begins. (Front Mission and Front Mission 5 begin)

2091 Edit

The events of Front Mission Online take place throughout the 2nd Huffman Conflict. Following Operation Eagle Tears, the Zaftran Peace Mediation Organization (PMO) organizes a truce between both sides and the 2nd Huffman Conflict comes to an end.

2092 Edit

The Sakata Industries Conspiracy occurs. Sakata Industries is outed as having used human test subjects in order to create a new type of Wanzer with the backing of Zaftra. Zaftra concedes to some of the claims brought against them and the PMO is officially disbanded, but they are never found fully accountable and the remaining claims are eventually dismissed. (Front Mission concludes)

2094 Edit

The People's Republic of Bangladesh, formally affiliated with the OCU changes it's name to the People's Republic of Aroldesh.

2096 Edit

The EC Resource Crisis occurs following attacks on several German army bases and the destruction of a key resource base in Poland. (Front Mission 4)

The Venezuela Coup D'etat occurs following Diaz, the USN governor of Venezuela, declaring the country independent of the USN. (Front Mission 4)

2102 Edit

The Alordesh Coup D'etat occurs after the Alordesh military attempts to seize control of the country and break away from the OCU. (Front Mission 2)

2112 Edit

The MIDAS Incident occurs. (Front Mission 3)

2121 Edit

The epilogue of Front Mission 5: Scars of the War occurs. (Front Mission 5 concludes)

2171 Edit

The Sword of Damocles Insurrection occurs following the attack on New York by unknown Wanzers. (Front Mission Evolved)

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