Zelt wanzer 00

Zelt in FM4

The Uisk is a wanzer model that appears in Front Mission 3, Front Mission 4, Front Mission 5: Scars of War , Front Mission Online and Front Mission Evolved. The Zelt variant of the Uisk also appears in the Nintendo DS version of the first Front Mission. It is produced by the Sender Corp. of E.C. England.


In most of its appearance, Uisk and its variants are characterized by high output and mediocre armour. However, its stats are not very consistent in different installments. In Front Mission 3, it was employed as launcher units by the Centipede Mercenary. Later in Front Mission 4, its output was further raised and became a Comms wanzer model. In Front Mission 5, however, its output was lowered and its agility became higher, making it a suitable candidate for Jammers. It was seen deployed by U.S.N. Army as Jammer units. They may be variants of the same model, but this was not explicitly stated.

It has a branch series known as Zelt.



  • Uisk (Front Mission 3, 5, Online, Evolved)
  • Uisk II (Front Mission 5)
  • Uisk IISP (Front Mission 5)
  • Uisk Rev. 2 (Front Mission Evolved)
  • Zelt (Front Mission 4, Online, and the Nintendo DS version of Front Mission First)

Known PilotsEdit


  • The Uisk model was mistranlated as "Whisk" in Front Mission 3 PAL and US version.
  • In Front Mission 3, battle skills are learnt by equipping specific wanzer parts. When equipped, Uisk gave Enemy Def-C Null (Body), Salvo (Arms), and Evade +2 (Legs).
  • The Zelt variant of the Uisk is present as a purchasable set of parts in the Nintendo DS version of Front Mission despite not being in the original SNES version.