USN Fleet

In Front Mission 3 when you pick Emir Klamasky' story mode you become a big part of the USN Fleet.

Taking part in the most dangerous missions is the elite team Purple Haze they accompany you to taal base as a distraction squad. Unfortunally they get taken out buy a guy named Jose Astrada who is in the O.C.U and is forced to protect the base at all costs if he does not preform this task he would be killed or taken prisoner. The reason Jose has to protect the base is because there is a prototype bomb in the base that has been stolen from the USN Scientist Emir Klamasky. This Bomb is called MIDAS it does not harm the enviroment with toxic gass's or poisons all it does is makes a huge hole in the ground and basically destorys everything in its way. Basically the story line is about getting that bomb back and destorying it before it can be used again.

Front Mission # USN CARRIER

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