Vapor Sand

Vapor Sand in FM1st

The Vapor (or better known as "Vapor Sand") is a wanzer model that so far has only been seen in Front Mission First. It is produced by the Diable Avionics of U.S.N. America.


The Vapor Sand has average stats in most aspects, but is characterized by its strong armor. Its two arms are internally equipped with machineguns. The most important feature of this wanzer model is that it seems to be specifically designed to be used in desert area, as it was seen being able to hide beneath sand and then surface (hence its name). Although it is the first (and so far only) model that has been shown to possess such ability, it was never explicitly stated that this function is exclusive to Vapor Sand. It has only been in seen in one mission in the first installment, and is thus not seem to be widely deployed. A possible theory is that due to its extraordinary ability to hide in sand, it is very expensive to produce. Also, desert area is seldom seen in the Front Mission series in the first place.


  • U.S.N. Huffman, desert areas (Front Mission First)


  • Vapor Sand (Front Mission First)

Known PilotEdit

  • None


  • So far, there has not yet been any notable characters who have ever piloted a Vapor Sand or its variants.
  • There is another wanzer model named Vapor, although it is not known to be related to the Vapor Sand series.