The Strife in FM5

The Walrus is a wanzer model that has appeared in Front Mission 2 and Front Mission 5. It is produced by the Leonora Enterprise of O.C.U. Australia.


Walrus and its variants tend to have decent armour and mobility, along with below-average output. With the combination of agility and toughness, the wanzer model proves to be of value in the frontline as melee or assault units. As seen in Front Mission 2, it was deployed heavily by Alordesh military, mainly as melee and assault units. In later installments, the O.C.U. Army in Huffman Island and Cambodian troops were also seen employing the model primarily as assault units.

It also have a branch series known as Strife, which has anti-piercing armours.


  • Alordesh State Army, primarily as strikers and assaults (Front Mission 2)
  • O.C.U. Huffman, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 5)
  • O.C.U. Cambodia, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 5)


  • Walrus (Front Mission 5)

    Walrus in FM5


    Walrus LightWeight

  • Walrus M1 (Front Mission 2)
  • Walrus M2 (Front Mission 2)
  • Walrus M3 (Front Mission 2)
  • Walrus Light Weight (Front Mission 5)
  • Strife (Front Mission 5)
  • Strife 2 (Front Mission 5)

Known PilotsEdit


Walrus in FM2