Walter Feng is the main protagonist of Front Mission 5: Scars of the War.

Biography Edit

Born in 2064, Walter's family were some of Huffman Island's first immigrants, with Walter growing up in Freedom City along with his two best friends Randy O'Niell and Glen Duval. When the 1st Huffman Conflict broke out between the USN and OCU, the three were caught up in an attack on the city, leaving Walter with a laceration scar on his left cheek. After the war, Walter and Randy were forcefully repatriated by the USN while Glen was repatriated by the OCU. While at the USN orphanage Home 47, Walter met a Lynn Wenright, a quiet girl who quickly fell in love with him, but he never took much notice of her and forgot about her soon after leaving the home and joining the USN army along with Randy.

Many years later, Walter and Randy would reunite with Glen as apart of the USN peacekeeping force sent to Huffman during the Huffman Crisis in 2086. Upon seeing Glen pilot a wanzer, Walter and Randy sign up for the USN Army's wanzer training program. As tensions between the OCU and USN elevate to a new high following the Larcus Incident, Walter and Randy qualify as wanzer pilots, being sent off to fight in the 2nd Huffman Conflict soon afterwards.

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