Walter Vonnegut (ウォルター・ヴォネガット) is an USN aircraft and helicopter manufacturer. Their products appears in Front Mission 2 and Front Mission 5.


This company is a result

Walter Vonnegut logo

of a merger between Vonnegut and aircraft manufacturer Walter. Aside transport planes and helicopters, they also well known for developing world's first VTOL capable seaplane.

Known ProductsEdit


  • PCV-02FBa/Storm Master (Front Mission 2) - a VTOL transport seaplane, which was exported to OCU after
    EPSXe 2012-09-08 22-07-36-69

    The Storm Master as seen in Walter Vonnegut's website (Front Mission 2)

    the Second Huffman War. Also considered to be the world's very first VTOL-capable seaplane.
  • C2 Skypark (Front Mission 5)
  • Deadalus (Front Mission 5)


  • Founded in 2032
  • CEO: Peter Pandey

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