The Centipede, also known as Wulong Mercenaries in DHZ, is a team of mercenaries originating from the European Community. They have been in numerous battles around the world just for the sake of profits and joy of fighting.

Known memberEdit

The wanzers of the same type can be bought in Shanghai, after the battle of Ravnui Embassy (Alisa storyline) and hangar of Lianyungang, after the battle of Yancheng Base (Emma storyline).


In Emma storyline, they are the enemies. They are paid by DHZ military, but don't take orders from them. They just do whatever they want (killing the target). The team meet Rudolf and Rebecca in the battle of Yuping when the siege to Shanghai started, but later at several battles after that the other three appear. When they are all together, they are relatively hard to defeat.

They are also involved in the joining of Linny Barilar to the team. When he is walking around DHZ mainland to market his methane wanzer, he meets the Wulong and got disturbed. The team feels very hesitate to help him from the Wulong.

In Alisa storyline, they are allies as Hei Fong Liu is in same side of DHZ military. The Wulong helps them in a lot of fights but only once they fight together with the team as NPC. The Wulong helps them a lot (after being promised to be paid), even transporting them to meet Tian Lei, the mobile fortress of DHZ.

In Shanghai, The Wulong arrives after Ryogo asks them to help escaping Ravnui embassy. After the battle in embassy, The Wulong helps them to locate where Lukav is, which is in Japan assisting the coup. Knowing that the huge battle will happen in Japan, Rudolf offers them their service.

In Japan, The Wulong helps the unaligned JDF military base to regroup and resolve the coup. Rudolf even helps the team convincing Isao Takemura to take part in resolving the coup.


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