Xiang Mei Li is a playable character in Front Mission 3, Emma storyline. He was the member of Rapid Reaction Force, a top secret unit of Changli Army, who turned around when one if their mission killed his wife and son. He joins the Kazuki's team only if Jose Astrada is not in the team (i.e. the player chose the front door in siege of Taal Base). His starting wanzer is Getty with specialties of machine gun.


His full story is only seen in Emma storyline. As an ex member of Rapid Reaction Force, who flew away, he is wanted to avoid leaking secret of RRF and previous mission. He met Kazuki's team when he is under the siege by Imaginary Numbers under the command of Rosavia Gray, that risks the safety of his village behind him. Kazuki and team helps him even when knowing that he is (which actually was) an RRF.

He is the old friend of Guan Lei, an FAI spy for DHZ. In Foshan, he meets and talks with Guan Lei, but then Guan Lei is killed by the DHZ agent. Guan Lei orders Li to protect Ran Fong, his daughter, which later known to have a secret about Tianlei, a mobile fortress of DHZ.

He is also involved in joining Kwang Ming to Hua Lian rebels after uncovering the story that one of RRF mission which he was in presence, killed his father, the ex-Chairman Ming.

In Alisa storyline he isn't seen either as ally nor enemy.