The Xiangyu (Chinese: 翔宇, a prominent Qin warlord) is a mobile weapon model that appeared in Front Mission 3. It is produced by Shanghai Steel of the DHZ and used by the Imaginary Numbers' leader, Lukav Minaev.


The Xiangyu is massive, 6-legged mobile weapon giving a shape resembling that of a gigantic lobster with two large front legs and four smaller rear legs. Its armaments include two Kongsheng 2 missile launchers and two Type 15 GR grenade launchers, and its armor was quite strong, capable of taking about twice the amount of damage than average wanzers before going down. It is also designed to be amphibious.

Despite the sheer power of its weapons, the Xiangyu lacks any self-defense weapons, which becomes its fatal weakness.


The Xiangyu only made its appearance on the final mission of Front Mission 3 in Alisa storyline, where it was used by Lukav to stop Kazuki and his group from escaping from the imminent detonation of the MIDAS after their LST was stuck. The group was able to apparently destroy it and escape, but the Xiangyu, along with Lukav, survives and pursues the group, pinning their LST and almost killing Kazuki, had Emma do not interfere just as the MIDAS explodes and one of its beams hits the Xiangyu, destroying it along with Lukav.



  • HP: 2500
  • Defense: 60%
  • Weapons:
    • 2x Type 15 GR (grenade)
    • 2x Kongsheng 15 (missile)


  • HP: 2000
  • Movement: 4 * 9 squares



  • The Xiangyu is one of the few mobile weapon models that occupy spaces larger than 2x2 blocks. The others are ISV09A-S Mobile Fortress from Front Mission 2, Bogomol from Front Mission 4 and Kouten from Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. It should be noted that all of them except Kouten appeared in the final missions of their respective installments.
  • While the Xiangyu is only armed with missile launchers and grenade launchers in-game, it appears to have two machine guns mounted on its “head”, as shown in the cutscene where Lukav pins down Kazuki's group's LST and relentlessly attacks him with it.