Xiao Hua Lan is a playable character in Front Mission 3, Alisa storyline. She is a vice commander of the Rapid Reaction Force, a top secret unit within the Changli Army who is arrested for insubordination for saving a kid (Kwang Ming) from the death during Tian Lei masaccre of Hua Lian rebel military camp.

As playable character, her starting wanzer is Tieqi with flamethrower.


She joined the Changli Army because one of Hua Lian rebel attacks caused the death of her son and husband. She is later promoted to the Rapid Reaction Force for her deadly skill in battle.

Alisa storylineEdit

In Alisa storyline, she is an ally and appears in several cut scenes. She is known as cold blooded fighter, but at the battle against Hua Lian in Suichuan, she is seen saving a civilian from the weapon of her subordinate. After the siege of Tian Lei by Hua Lian, Tian Lei together with Rapid Reaction Force and Imaginary Numbers eliminates the remaining Hua Lian camp nearby. She saves Kwang Ming from the death, and that causes her being arrested by Lie Yin Jiu for insubordination. She is kept in prison together with Kwang Ming. after knowing that Kwang ing will be executed in public by Chairman Jie, Kazuki's team helps Kwang Ming and Xiao Hua Lan escape the Tian Lei.

Several missions after that, she reappears in battle of Nanjing piloting chopper and saving civilian. After the battle, she joins the Kazuki and team.

Emma storylineEdit

In Emma storyline she is the enemy. The team meet her for the first time in Yizhang, intended to "clean up" the mess created by the incompetent Changli Army. At that battle, she uses Shangdi with rifle. She then reappears again in Wuzhou Base.

During Tian Lei siege, she reappears inside the fortress using Tieqi with flamethrower.