The Zeros is a wanzer model that appeared in Front Mission 3. It is produced by Jade Metal-Lyman of O.C.U. Australia.


The Zeros has strong armor and mobility, along with poor output, implying that it can't hold heavy weapons like missiles and grenade launchers. However, it would probably be as an excellent melee wanzer. It is available in many wanzer shops, yet it has never been seen deployed by any formal military units. This may be due to its physical appearance, which will probably be more appealing to youngsters and arena combatants, although it was not explicitly stated if the model is specifically designed for such purposes.

The website of the Jade Metal-Lyman stated that it is the first wanzer model to be installed with the "XL-2000 generator" developed by the corporation.


  • Unknown


  • Zeros (Front Mission 3)

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