The Zhelanie (Russian: Желание, Wish) is a wanzer model prduced by the Demitri Corp. of the People's Republic of Zaftra. So far, it has appeared in Front Mission 4 and Front Mission Online. They served mainly as assault wanzers, typically equipped with machine guns, shotguns, and melee weapons.


Zhelanie and its variants have consistently been characterized by high evasion and mobility, and rather weak armor. They were used extensively by the Zaftran Army as jammers and assault units in their attack of German bases and U.S.N. troops.



  • Zhelanie (Front Mission 4, Online)
  • Zhelanie II (Front Mission 4)
  • Zhelanie III (Front Mission 4)

Known PilotsEdit

  • None


  • So far, there has not yet been any notable characters who have ever piloted a Zhelanie or its variants.

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