Zinc in FM1st

The Zinc is a Wanzer model that so far has only been seen in Front Mission First. It is produced by the Jade Metal-Lyman of O.C.U. Australia.


The Zinc and its variants were shown with below-average output yet strong armor and melee power, which is reflected in the relatively large amount of damage that can be dealt with its hardblow. Thus, some U.S.N. pilots were seen equipping their wanzers with Zinc arms, presumably for the sake of its strong blow. It was also seen being equipped with shoulder weapons. A possible explanation for this is that it was done to ensure that the Zinc units are able to engage in long-range battle aside from being strong melee units.

However, perhaps due to the popularity of the Zenith series making Jade-Metal Lyman focus on its production, the Zinc series was never seen deployed nor purchasable in later installments.



  • Zinc (Front Mission First)
  • Zeroa (Front Mission First)

Known PilotsEdit